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Magical music classes in French for children ages 1-4 focusing on movement, dance and play. 

Chanson Magique

What is Chanson Magique?

Chanson Magique connects at the deepest level with children’s magical side and their love of singing, dancing and playing. It makes them better talkers, listeners, smarter thinkers and happier players. Learning French has never been this easy or fun!

Discover the power of music for early language acquisition 

Music and language are learned the same way, by instinct and by ear, and both link young children’s senses with their curiosity to create a world of discovery and wonder. After twenty-five years teaching children, I am still marvelling at how naturally, quickly and efficiently they learn language through music and dance, mime and visual images.

Meet Muriel

Muriel has worked in Early Childhood Education and has composed her own songs for many years.


She has a passion for music and the arts. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, and walking her cat. She is the happy mother of 12-year-old twins raised bilingual.

Muriel Vergnaud

Kind Words

The kids just love the CD. They want to hear it all the time, they sing along with it and it's infectious. I think it's great for grownups too. So we don't play it as if to support the teaching, we rather play it because we like it!

- Parent Maitland (Io, Ray and Adda)

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